Flowtrecs Inox

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Stainless steel housing and tempered glass 
Fuel flow sensor included 
Bulit in GPS module 
Waterproof case ( IP65)
Version for single engine (without fuel return)

Pulse limiter


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Multifunctional gauge for single engine

   The Flowtrecs Inox Engine Multifunction Meter and Electronic Fuel Gauge is an essential device for mechanically propelled boats, designed to optimize fuel management by processing and displaying critical engine and movement data. It features a waterproof housing (IP65) and simple two-button operation, making it ideal for open or closed boats, catamarans, and RIBs. The built-in GPS module and fuel flow sensor provide an all-in-one solution for small boats with engine power ranging from 20 to 500 HP. Enjoy easy installation and a great feature-to-price ratio with the Flowtrecs Inox.

New model with stainless steel housing, screen covered by tempered glass and touch buttons. 

Recessed into the cockpit, height only 12mm. Fits perfectly with other gauges.Gauge size 64mm.

Key features

1. Fuel consumption l/h
2. Total fuel consumption
3. Fuel consumption indicator km/l
4. Fuel in tank (remaining)
5.RPM speedometer r/min (Attention! Please read optional accessories)
6. Speed ​​(GPS built-in) km/h
7. Battery voltage
8. Clock
9. Distance
10. Auto OFF
11. Backlight
12. Motohour counter MTH
13. Units selection km/h,l  knots,l  knots,gal UK  knots,gal US

Optional Accessories (Please read if you wish to use RPM Tachometer)

Carburettor engines (stationary and outboard) require the use of a tacho pulse limiter due to their excessive amplitude. If you have an injection engine, you don't need a tacho pulse limiter. Tacho pulse limiter is available in 2 versions: for stationary engines and for outboard engines.

Specifications for FS-40:

- Power 12-16 VDC
- Type of fuel - petrol
- Measuring range - 0.5-200 l/h (check sensor versions)
- Measuring error - approx. 5%
- Fuel hose diameter:
FS-40-10-AL 9.5 mm (3 /8") for S,M version
FS-40-12-AL 11.1 mm(7/16") for L,XL,XXL,3XL version

Note - the product is available in several versions that differ in the type flow sensor used:

S for engines 20 - 60 HP (0.5 - 20 l/h) (1.2 mm nozzle diameter)

M for engines 60 - 130 HP (1 - 40 l/h) (2 mm nozzle diameter)

L for engines 130 - 250 HP (1.5 - 90 l/h) (3 mm nozzle diameter)

XL for engines 250 - 300 HP (2 - 120 l/h) (4 mm nozzle diameter)

XXL for engines 300 - 350 HP  (3 - 180 l/h) (4.5 mm nozzle diameter)

3XL for engines 350 HP and more (5 - 300 l/h ) ( 6 mm inner diameter)

Allows you to get important savings on fuel!

After purchase, please specify your engine, we will fit the best sensor for you.

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Data sheet

12-16 VDC
Current consumption
25 mA
Flow range
0,5 - 200 l/h
Measurement error
less than 5%
Hose connection
(3/8" dia hose for S,M) (7/16" dia hose for L,XL,XXL)
Working temp. range
0 - 45 C
Water protection degree

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