Flowtrecs Android BT DUO (twin engines)
  • Flowtrecs Android BT DUO (twin engines)
  • Flowtrecs Android BT DUO (twin engines)

Flowtrecs Android BT DUO (twin engines)-2

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Touchscreen 5" with quad core processor
Android 4.4.2 (you can install your own apps)
Wireless connectivity to sensor (Bluetooth)
Built in GPS module 
Version for 2 motors (or 1 with fuel return)



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 Multifunctional Wireless Fuel Computer

  Flowtrecs Android BT is a measuring device showing the most important parameters of water, land and air vehicles equipped with petrol and diesel engines. The applications are wide and include, among others, motor boats and yachts, light planes, paragliders, motorcycles, power generators, oil burners, etc. The indicated parameters are: fuel consumption, economy of consumption, RPM speed,  speed, battery voltage and statistical parameters such as average fuel consumption, average speed etc. There are also  additional functions available, such as anchor alarm and MOB.  It comes in different configurations allowing its use for one engine, for 2 engines, for power from 20 to 500HP. It is equipped with  5"  capacitive touch screen and durable measuring sensors made of aluminum alloys with  sapphire bearings inside. Device is working on Android OS 4.4.2 allowing users to use different applications like maps, navigations running on Android OS. It uses wireless Bluetoth connection between sensor and screen., which could greatly simplify installation works.

Main features

1. Fuel consumption l./h
2. Total fuel consumption 
3. Fuel Economy indicator km/l
4. Fuel in the tank (remainining) 
5. Range
6. Speed
7. Voltage  
8. Clock 
9. Distance   
10. RPM speed r/min (Attention! Please read optional accessories)
11. Screen brightness control
12. Motohour counter MTH 
13. Twin engine operation 
14. MOB - Men Over Board that is saving the current position
15. Anchor alarm
16. Multilanguage screens (DE, ENG)
17. Units selection km/h,l  knots,l  knots,gal UK  knots,gal US
18. Settings lock (password secured)

Optional Accessories (Please read if you wish to use RPM Tachometer)

Carburettor engines (stationary and outboard) require the use of a tacho pulse limiter due to their excessive amplitude. If you have an injection engine, you don't need a tacho pulse limiter. Tacho pulse limiter is available in 2 versions: for stationary engines and for outboard engines.

Package contain:

1. 5" CTP TFT colour touch panel (non waterproof)
2. 2 x FS-40 flow sensor
3. Wireless BT Connection Adapter
4. Operating instruction
5. Cable ties

Note - the product is available in several versions that differ in type flow sensor used:

S for engines 20 - 60 HP ( 0.5 - 20 l/h ) ( 1.2 mm inner diameter)

M for engines 60 - 130 HP ( 1 - 40 l/h ) ( 2 mm inner diameter)

L for engines 130 - 250 HP ( 1.5 - 90 l/h ) ( 3 mm inner diameter)

XL for engines 250 - 300 HP ( 2 - 120 l/h ) ( 4 mm inner diameter)

XXL for engines 300 - 350 HP (3 - 180 l/h ) ( 4.5 mm inner diameter)

3XL for engines 350 HP and more (5 - 300 l/h ) ( 6 mm inner diameter)

Allows you to get important savings on fuel!

After buying please specify your engine ad we will fit the best sensor for you.

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Data sheet

12-16 VDC
Current consumption
800 mA
Flow range
0,5 - 200 l/h
Measurement error
less than 5%
Hose connection
(3/8" dia hose for S,M) (7/16" dia hose for L,XL,XXL)

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Manual Flowtrecs BT EN

Manual Flowtrecs BT EN

Download (885.03KB)

Manual Flowtrecs BT DE

Manual Flowtrecs BT DE

Download (899.8KB)